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Helsdingen Music
The private company with limited liability Helsdingen Music B.V. is an enterprise for the promotion of "Helsdingen Music".
"Helsdingen Music" is a product of producers Luluk and René van Helsdingen with good commercial prospects.

The Objective of Helsdingen Music B.V. is to market "Helsdingen Music" i.a. by the production and sale of promotional films and video's, compact disc's, cassettes and other image and sound recording media.
Helsdingen Music is a financial framework for the realization of the objective.

The shares of the company will be transfered to an administrative foundation (stichting administratiekantoor) and the share certificates will be conveyed to a private circle of shareholders.

The activities will consist of producing image and sound recording media of the quartet and assisting the quartet with regard to organizational and financial aspects.

In a general sense; The promotion of musicians and their work, in particular by means of the production, sale and distribution of the image and sound recording media of these musicians and their work.

Helsdingen Music B.V. has been founded by René van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto. In the past 23 years, René van Helsdingen has been engaged intensively and continuously in composing, performing and recording of music on sound recording media.

René van Helsdingen has also organized many succesfull tours sponsored by companies to which he was responsible with regard to the control over the budgets made available. In this way René has aquired and still continues to acquire an understanding for commercial matters.
















The control over the money given in charge is in the hands of René and Luluk van Helsdingen.

In addition to her musical education, which she received in several academies of music, Luluk also has commercial experience in organizing international tours in the Far East, sponsored by companies and subsidized by the countries involved. (See biographies )




    Luluk Purwanto
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