Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio the Stage Bus


A Special vehicle to offer Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio a unique way to travel and perform.  The side of the Stage bus can be lowered to form a stage and raised for travel. 

Designed and rebuild in 2000 by electro technical engineer and visual artist Aart Marcus

 Equiped with Grand piano, drum stage, back drop, lighting and a  complete sound system. The back of the bus includes a studio room with a 28 track, Soundcraft mixing consul.

 The speaker on the roof creates perfect sound, free of feedback. The speaker behind the back door brings the sound close to you. Bass-bins under the bus make you really feel the groove.

A charming stage that can be a perfect addition to any festival in the world. The best way to bring culture, jazz and art to the people, jazz-lovers, students and you.


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"how it operates"


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The History of the Stage Bus I and II   

2004 The Stage Bus Greece

2003 The Stage Bus Indonesia

2002 The Stage Bus USA

2000 The building of the new Stage Bus II

1997 The Stage Bus  Indonesia

1996-97 The Stage Bus Australia

1996 The Stage Bus 96

1995 The Stage Bus 95

1994 The Stage Bus 94

1994 a bus was purchased and rebuild /
 the "Stage Bus" Recording

1983 Smirnoff  Quintet and the bus

1982 Superlights Quintet and the bus


    Luluk Purwanto
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