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20 years of “Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio”  


Luluk Purwanto & the New Generation. Jazz Competition - Concert series, Aug 24 - Sep 11
16 concerts in and around Jakarta ( Jabotabek.) with the STAGE BUS I featuring Marcello Pellitteri and Essiet Okon Essiet. A non-profit tour to promote Jazz in Indonesia, presenting the New Generation MEZZO Jazz Award to identify talented young Indonesian jazz musicians.

2006 Performance at the Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia - March 4th /
featuring Benny Mustafa van Diest, Benny Likumahuwa and special guest Praful (sax)
2005 Celebrations of the Birthday of Henry Franklin / Oct 1 - 8
4 concerts in California, USA, featuring Henry Franklin and Donald Dean.
2005 Tulips 2005 ... 60th Anniversary Friendship Tour.  May 2 - Sept 25
100 concerts in 76 cities throughout 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada
offered in the spirit of peace and international friendship as a tribute to Canadian veterans on the 60th Anniversary of the Netherlands’ liberation, featuring: Marcello Pellitteri and Essiet Okon Essiet
2005 Brushes 2005 /  March 28-31  and Oct 16th
4 performances in Holland and Germany featuring Egbert van Gruythuyzen and Ted Trimble.
2004 Jazz from Holland / The Stage Bus in Greenwich. Sep 19-26 /4 performances at the Riverfront Jazz Festival featuring Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri. a Dutch Cultural Presentation
2004 The Stage Bus from Indonesia - Festival à la Carte - touring 12 cities in the Peloponese in the framework of the Cultural Olympiad / Greece 2004
2004 Jazz from Holland / The Stage Bus at the Olympics. Aug 14 - 25 featuring Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri and Jesse van Ruller . 14 concerts in Athens, Greece
2004 Management & coordination of The Stage Bus I during Festival à la Carte / May 20 – June 20, 2004  (150 events throughout 14 cities in Java and Bali – Indonesia)
Organized by JakArt @ 2004 International Arts Cultural and Educational Festival
2004 DVD 'Impressions of a Tour' / Mahabharata Jazz & Wayang
recording / filming / editing / mixing/ production
2004 Performances at the  PATTAYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2004, MARCH 19 – 21,Thailand, 
featuring Benny Moustafa van Diest and Benny Likumahuwa
2003 Mahabharata Jazz & Wayang/ Indonesian American Dutch Cross Cultural Promotion Tour
with the Stage Bus/ 20 performances through Java and Bali featuring:
Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri, Nanang HaPe, Kiki Dunung, Soled Saryanto, I Ketut Budiyasa, Aart Marcus and Martijn van Beenen

2003 Performance at the "Jazz at the Hop" Festival, Hoorn, the Netherlands
featuring Gildas Boclé and Marcello Pellitteri

2003 coordination of The Pilot Project: Homage to the Eternal Creativity of the Human Race -
at the National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia as part of JakArt@ 2003.
2003 Management & coordination of 
JakArt @ 2003 International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival June 2003
600 events at over 200 locations in Jakarta, Indonesia
2003 The Spirit of Peace
Performance at the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, with the Indonesian Art Orchestra.
2003 Official Release of Brushes - the CD & the Clip / Munich Records
2002 Born Free USA / Indonesian American Dutch Cultural Promotion Tour with the Stage Bus II
70 concerts featuring: Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri.
2002 Zebra Records / WEA / release and distribution of "Born Free" in North America
release date: 27th of August 2002
2002 4 Performances at JakArt @ 2002 Festival: featuring: Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri.
Official start of Born Free USA tour, 2002
2002 May 31, Jazz in the Woods, Apeldoorn: featuring Ted Trimble, Egbert van Gruythuyzen, Job Zomer
the Stage Bus preparing for shipment to the USA
"Brushes" - the CD & the Clip
recording / filming / editing / mixing/ production
2001 June: JakArt@2001 festival / 3 concerts featuring: Wiro Mahieu and Pieter Bast
August - October / performances in Holland
2001 tour 2001 / 16 concerts featuring:
Essiet Okon Essiet, Marcello Pellitteri and Billy Cobham
2000 The Stage Bus II, 2000 / Holland, England, Germany


Building of the new Stage Bus II

2000 Film 2000, the shootings, Amsterdam, Paris, featuring Essiet Okon Essiet and Marcello Pellitteri  

1999 BORN FREE Australia  tour – 20 concerts - featuring Belinda Moody, Victor de Boo, Australia Northern Europe Liaisons  

1999 BORN FREE Europe tour – 120 concerts – featuring Donald Dean, Henry Franklin   


new release: Born Free (the recording)

1997  The Stage Bus  Indonesia – 35 concerts – sponsored by LA Lights, PT Djarum.  

1996/97 The Stage Bus Australia – 25 concerts – cultural promotion - Australia Northern Europe Liaisons  

1996 100 concerts: The Stage Bus 96/part 1 and The Stage Bus 96/part 2

1996 other concerts  featuring: Dale Barlow, Anton Drukker, Henk Zomer, Jos Machtel, Pablo Naher
1995  The Stage Bus 95 – 60 concerts – part 1 and part 2 ( the Stage Concept)    
1994  The Stage Bus 94 – 100 concerts    
1994 a bus was purchased and rebuild  / the "Stage Bus" Recording  
1993 restaurant in Jakarta: The Stage   (The Stage - Yayasan Pro Seni 2000)    
1993 10-concerts Los Angeles Area    
1992 25- concerts- Scandinavia, Benelux , featuring Marcello Pellitteri, Wiro Mahieu.    
1992 Agenda tour, 40 concerts-Europe. Featuring Belinda Moody, Donald Dean    
1991  recordings CD: ‘Ojongono’    
1991  15 concerts / Holland, France, Scandinavia, Belgium. Feat: Don Mumford, Wiro Mahieu    
1991 live broadcast, TV 1 Denmark    
1990  16 concerts / Holland, Denmark, Sweden featuring Marcel Serierse, Wiro Mahieu  
1989  performance at the concertgebouw / metropole orchestra featuring Gene Jackson, Ira Coleman    
1989 recordings for CD: ’the Walz’ and film production, with Theo Ordeman, Frans Mijts    
1988 the first: L.  Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio, feat: Trevor Ware, Egbert van Gruythuyzen    

HistoryLuluk Purwanto and René van Helsdingen
(projects together)

1990 Superband, tour Holland/ Indonesia featuring Billy Cobham, Wolfgang Schmid, Nippy and Shana Noya and others    
1987 recording of ‘Spirit of Spring’, Chines folk tunes converted into New Age    
1987 recordings in Jakarta, 2 months of Fusion involving only Indonesian artists    
1987 Luluk and René got married  11th of July 1987, Yogyakarta Indonesia    
1987 The music of Asai Harum, recorded at the Farmsound studio, featuring more than 20 artists.    
1986 Impressions of Indonesia, the recordings featuring Brian Batie, Rodney Mecks    
1986 The Quartet, touring Indonesia (sponsored by Pt Djarum) and India (Jazzyatra)  
History   Luluk Purwanto  
1999 Tour with Hans Visser and friends  - Holland –    
1998 Tour with the Dieter Ilg trio, - Germany- feat: Wolfgang Muthspiel, Steve Arguelles    
1991 Wolfgangs Schmid’s KICK /Germany , featuring Billy Cobham and others    
1991 Flairck 91 – Holland, New York, Greece, Germany -    
1990 Flairck 90, - 70 concerts Holland -    
1987 Bhaskara 87    
1986 Bhaskara 86    
1985 Bhaskara 85    
1982 1982 until 2000 Ireng Maulana All stars    
History   René van Helsdingen  
1986 The Helsdingen trio, touring Holland    
1986 Recording “ ONIX” , featuring Stefan Lievestro and Egbert van Gruythuyzen    
1985 Helsdingen Music, touring Holland duo concerts with Egbert van Gruythuyzen    
1985 Timeless Records, Helsdingen jazz trio – advertising space on the cover.    
1984 Impressions of China, recording for Pacific Music, Hong Kong and Virgin.    
1983 The Smirnoff Quintet, the first version of the Stage Bus,    
1982 Superlights Quintet, with the Bus, featuring Peter Guidi, Obie Jessie    
1981 Italian Jazz, Holland – 20 concerts, featuring Peter Guidi, Essiet Okon Essiet, Don Mumford.    
1980 After the Third Window, recordings at Media Art studio’s (more then 20 artists)    
1979 Hollywood (living and recording)    
1978 The first recordings for Munich Records.    


    Luluk Purwanto
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