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Luluk Purwanto: violin, voice
Marcello Pellitteri: drums, percussion
Essiet Okon Essiet: bass
René van Helsdingen: piano


This Cd-Rom includes 2 tracks:
A: Film2000 ( 4 musicians in Paris) 20.20 min.
B: Lir-Ilir, (the video – clip) 6.48 min.



Film2000 was Recorded on April 23rd, 2000, at 7 different locations in Paris:
Camera: Martijn van Beenen email:

The Stage Bus was designed and rebuild in Amsterdam Noord
February 19th until April 4th, 2000.
For 6 weeks a camera was set in one position to record the rebuilding of the Stage Bus. 
The final sequence with stopmotions was edited on top of the drum solo 
performed by Marcello Pellitteri. (taken from the CD: Born Free, track 4)

Designing and rebuilding of The Stage Bus II by:
Electronic Engineer and visual artist: Aart Marcus
Art-Works, H.A. Marcus, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 126, 1012 DT, Amsterdam
email: website:

Remix sound-track Mau Lagi (Live version) 26th of April, 2000 at:
Studio Beau Garage, engineer: Chris Beckers, tel: +31-20-4704594
Balthasar Floriszstraat 34 oh, 1071 VD, Amsterdam
website: & 

Video and film Editing (May 5, 7 ,8 ,9 and 10th. 2000) at:
Bobbie Film Production and Editing, engineer: Wendela Scheltema
Spuistraat 247, 1012 VP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-20-6201555 Email:

Cover design: Casper Meijer,
PMA Creative Publishing, Albert Verweijstraat 19, 2394 TK Hazerswoude Rd.
The Netherlands, tel: 071-3414587, fax: 071-3412875 email:

Marketed and distributed by Munich records.
Executive Producer: Job Zomer
Vadaring 90, 6702 EB, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
Phone 31 (0) 317-421 444, Fax 31 (0) 317-422 959
email: website:

All songs composed and arranged by Luluk Purwanto & René van Helsdingen.
Published by Munich Music,
Except for Warming Up, chord changes - Minority, composed by Gigi Gryce
Lir- Ilir is a Traditional Indonesian song ( Javanese) for children arranged by:
Luluk Purwanto & René van Helsdingen.

Music tracks Film2000:
Cublak-cublak suweng/ Sluku-sluku bathok
(bus driving around the ‘Arc de Triomph’)
Warming up, chord changes – Minority
(performance on Pont Grenelle, near statue of Liberty, Paris)
Sit & Go
(driving towards the Eiffel tower and meeting at restaurant De Beaupre)
Mau Lagi (do you want more) ‘live version’
(Recorded in front of the Eiffel Tower)
Pulang Yuk (Let’s go home)
(driving around the tower. shooting from the tower)
(singing in the Bus, on the way home)
Tunggu (waiting)

Produced by:
René van Helsdingen and Luluk Purwanto
Helsdingen Music BV
Koninginneweg 211b, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Made in Holland


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    Luluk Purwanto
Helsdingen Music BV copyrighted © 2000. All rights reserved
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