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To determine the strategy of the company the guiding principle is the starting point.
The guiding principle:
To create continuous productivity of the quartet (productivity is creating, performing and recording)
by means of the sale and distribution of the "Helsdingen Music" productions.








Marketing strategy

With regard to the quartet's image and sound recording
media, the emphasis has been laid on the marketing
strategy. Partial and complete copies of the video's,
cassettes, compact disc's, etc, will be sent to important
contacts. These contacts have resulted from producing
and promoting activities for previous productions in the
past 23 years. Those contacts will help the enterprice to penetrate the right market by means of their knowledge of and influence in the music and
film/ video industry.











First of all
Approaching tour promoters and agencies, concert promoters and agencies. They are important for the promotion and bookings of live concerts of the quartet. During live concerts market 1 will be penetrated.

Approaching television networks which are looking for new programmes in the cultural and informative field. In many countries around the world a further commercialization of the medium of television is taking place. This will lead to new tevision networks being created. They are looking for new programmes. Market 2 will be penetrated with the broadcast of the Helsdingen Music films and video's via the medium of television.

Approaching record companies which - by television promotion and live promotion - will be assured of market 1 and market 2 for their product; the sound recording medium (compact disc, cassette, LP). The company will concentrate on an international market.





    Luluk Purwanto
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