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Set-up and Issue
At the formation of the private company in 1988, 500 shares were obtained in the capital of the company. After the formation all the shares are transferred to the administrative foundation in order to obtain all the certificates.
Share certificates will be entered in the register of certificate holders.

It is the intention to obtain 2000 shares in the capital of the company and to issue 2000 shares certificates with a nominal value of DFL.200.000,- at the rate of 120% or DFL.120,- per certificate of a nominal value of DFL.100,-

Presently, 1/8/2000, 807 registered certificates have been issued and 350 share holders have been registered.

There is a second option to obtain registered certificates, viz. during the performances of LuLuK PuRwAnTo & ThE HeLsDiNgEn Tri0 and during their annual registration concerts.
(annual meeting for share certificate holders).
This is applicable only to share holders who have received their certificate as a private gift or as a business present

Gift and Business present
Where the issue of shares and the entries in the register of certificate holders are concerned, Helsdingen Music B.V. believes there are many applications for the field of private gifts and business presents.
Example; A businessman/ woman buys 10 certificates of shares and gives them to his business relations or friends.
On the back of the certificate is the deed of delivery of the certificates.
This deed of conveyance has been signed by him at the moment he purchased these 10 certificates. With the received certificate the recipient of the gift may attend a registration concert, especially organized for the occasion or a regular performance of LuLuK PuRwAnTo & ThE HeLsDiNgEn Tri0. Members of the administratitive foundation (Luluk and René van Helsdingen) will be present there to co-sign the deed of conveyance and to take care of the entry of the new certificate holder in the register of certificate holders.
If the recipient of the certificate does not attend the concert mentioned above, the certificate will continue to be registered in the buyer's name.
The businessman, now called sponsor, may have his name or logo type printed clearly on the back of the certificate. This makes the certificate indeed a very personal gift from the sponsor. In mutual consultation there is the possibility of adding a copy of a video, cassette or compact disc or conducting a particular commercial campaign during the registration concert.
(corporate image and product promotion)




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