Henry Franklin,
"The Skipper"
Los Angeles, 1st of October 1940

Los Angeles High School / Manual Arts High School Graduate/
Los Angeles City Collage / private bass studies with Al McKibbon and George Morrow

Professional engagements with:

Curtis Amy (1960-62), Roy Ayers (1960-62), Nellie Lutcher (1963), Willie Bobo (1967-68), Archie Shepp (1968), Hugh Masakela (1968-70), Jazz Crusaders (1970), The Three Sounds (1970-71), Hampton Hawes (1971), Dexter Gordon (1971), Gerry Mulligan (1971), O.C.Smith (1972), Shelly Mann (1972), Sonny Rollins (1972), Nichelle Nicoles (1972), Donald Byrd (1973), Esther Phillips (1973-74), Harold Land (1973-74), Calvin Keyes(1973), Rudolph Johnson (1973), Bobby Hutcherson (1974), Clint Houston (1974), West Covina Symphony Orchestra (1974) Norman- Conners (1974), Sonny Stitt (1974) Doug Carn (1972-74), Mary Osborne and T-Bone Walker (1973), Jimmy Witherspoon (1973), John Carter/Bobby Bradford (1973), Sonny Criss (1973-74), Bobby Darin (1974), Jack Wilson (1973), Bobby Humphries (1973), Kai Winding (1974), Gerald Wilson (1973-74), Supremes(1974), Freddie Hubbard(1975), Al Jarreau(1976), Johnny Hartman (1978), Leon- Thomas (1979), Pharoh Sanders (1984), Mal Waldron(1985), Steve Lacey (1985), John Handy (1986), Count Basie (1986), Fred Raulston(1985-86), Eddie "Clean Head" Vinson (1986), Henry Franklin Trio(1986-89), Texas Tenors/ Fathead Newman and James Clay(1989), Teddy Edwards (1990-91), Herb Jefferies (1991), Dakota Staton (1991), Barbara Morrison (1991), Al Williams (1991), Roy Ayers (1991), Ink Spots (1991), Dennis Gonzales (1991), Michelle Nicholes (1991), Randy Weston (1991-95), Luluk Purwanto & the Helsdingen trio(1995-1998)

Recordings with
Hugh Masakela
, Africa, '68/ Cheisa Records (1968) Live at the Whiskey a GoGo, Hugh Masakela/ Cheisa Records (1969) Promise of a future, Hugh Masakela, Features; Grazin in the Grass / Cheisa- Records (1970) Self-Determination Music, John Carter, Bobby Bradford (1970) Soul Symphony, The Three Sounds/ Blue Note Records (1971) Secrets, John Carter, Bobby Bradford/ Realation Records (1972) Blues for Walls, Hampton Hawes/ Prestige Records (1973) Looking Glass, Michael Howell/ Milestone Records (1973) New Directions, Gene Russell/ Black Jazz Records (1972) Infant Eyes, Doug Carn/ Black Jazz Records (1972) Song for my lady, Gene Russell/ Black Jazz Records (1973) Live at the Momatre, Hampton Hawes (1971) Live at Montreux, Hampton Hawes (1971) Love Love, Julian Priester (1973) Quartet, Pete Robinson, Phil Woods (1974)In the Silence, Michael Howell (1973) Live at Montreux, Bobbi Humphries (1973) Gamblers Choice, Johnny Hammond/ Salvation Records (1974) Looking Glass, Michael Howell (1975) 2nd Wave, Roland Haynes/ Black Jazz- Records (1973) Proceed with Caution, Calvin Keyes/ Black Jazz Records (1974) Blues for Walls, Hampton Hawes/ Fantasy Records (1974) Criss-Cross, Calvin Keyes/ Ovation Records (1975) Liquid- Love, Freddie Hubbard/ Columbia Records (1975) Mr Gleem, Freddie Hubbard/ C.B.S. Sony (1975), Cookin with Blue Note at the Montreux, Bobbi Humphries (1976) One Step at a Time, Ray Crawford/ Dobre Records (1976) Straight Ahead, Freddie Redd (1977) Say Hey, John Wood/ Los Angeles- Records (1980) You Betcha B.P., Benny Powell/ Los Angeles Records (1980) I feel so good Today, Carey Williams/ Careline Records (1980) One step Out, Kaif/ Nimbus Records (1981) Little Toot, Dennis Gonzales/ Dagniim (1986) Fred's Rescue, Fred Raulston/ Sea Breeze (1987) Steffan, Dennis Gonzales/ Silk Heart (1988) Pat Britt Live in L.A., Pat Britt (1989) Dabengi Dabengi, Dennis Gonzales/ Silk Heart (1989) Native Son, Jerry Rusch/ Jeru Records (1991) Desert Wind, Dennis Gonzales/ Silk Heart (1992) Salsa City, Shades of Jade/ Absolute Pitch (1993) In Session, Michael Sessions/ Pacific ITM (1994)

Gold Records

Promise of a Future, Hugh Masakela, 1970

Secret Life of Talking Plants, Stevie Wonder, 1978

Recordings as a Leader

The Skipper/ Black Jazz (1972) Skipper at Home/ Black Jazz (1973)

Blue Lights/ Ovation (1978)Tribal Dance/ Catalyst (1978)

We came to play (1986) Shalabongo (1990)

Bassic Instincts/ Resurgent Music (1996)

The Hunter/ Resurgent Music (1998)

Bass Encounters/ Resurgent Music RM 124 (2000)


Luluk Purwanto
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