Born Free
LULUK is Luluk Purwanto, a classically trained, virtuoso jazz artist from
Java.  The violinist and scat singer's talents and energy will be on display during an intial 30 city US tour immediately following her debut Zebra Acoustic release Born Free. (12 cities precede the release)  It's also displayed in the stunning 8 minute bonus CD-ROM track included in their specially priced release.

Supported by her husband and partner, dutch pianist René van Helsdingen the Born Free Tour and CD will offer American audiences an opportunity to experience a dynamic cross-cultural jazz presentation that is at once today and a throwback to the early days of jazz when bands toured the country on buses ... but with a twist.
American audiences will be treated to their first look at van Helsdingen's innovative StageBus.  The 40 foot bus emblazoned with a huge color image of LULUK and the website can park, convert to a fully sound & light reinforced stage with grand piano ready for live performance in less than 30 minutes.  LULUK will be barnstorming across America in support of Born Free.

LULUK: born in Solo, Indonesia.
Both  parents are classical vocalists, classical studies at 9, scholarship to
Sydney Conservatory. 1st professional jazz date in 1980. She and René have played 100's of concerts throughout Europe and Asia.


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